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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Henry is quite the funny guy. He has developed quite the sense of humor in recent weeks and months, telling a number of jokes and giggling up a storm.

Tonight, for instance, I was going to feed our dog, Haillee, but I could find her food dish. So, I asked Henry if he knew where it was. "Yes," he said. "I took it." I asked him where he had taken it. "To the zoo," he said, laughing, since we both knew he hadn't been to the zoo today. Really, Henry, I asked, where's Haillee's dish? "I took it ... to the zoo," he said, laughing harder. He laughed even more when I pretended to get huffy about it, saying "No you did not!" From then on, he kept saying over and over that he had taken the dish to the zoo. The kid knows a punch line when he hears one.

Along those lines, Henry gets a big kick out of our reactions sometimes. The other day, when Tara and I took him out for a walk, he found a seedpod on the ground. Because the seedpod was grey, thin, long and furry, Tara told Henry she thought it looked like a mouse tail. My immediate response was, "Ewww!" That brought the house down. In fact, Henry thought that was so funny, that he repeated the story over and over to Tara as she was trying to get him down to sleep that night.

Henry is still nursing, which has become the fodder of jokes -- from Henry. He likes to tease me by saying, "Daddy nurse?" If I say, "Sure," he'll respond with "No," or "No way!" or "Daddy nurse with Kayla." Regardless, any of those phrases is accompanied by a giggle.

He also loves it when I respond to the "Daddy nurse with Kayla" or the "Daddy nurse with Haillee" lines with something along the lines of no, because you don't know where that car (or dog) has been or what she's been eating.

The kid's fun -- and funny.

-- Troy


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