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Troy and Tara's newborn son.
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
As promised, Troy just added more new photos of Henry to the site. These are more from Troy's parents' visit last month. They include pictures of the trip all five of them took to the Alemany Farmer's Market and photos of Smiley Sunday, during which Henry dazzled his grandparents with his amazing grins.

In other Henry news, the Little Guy rode in his sling for the first time yesterday. Troy and Tara have been taking him around in his front carrier, a Baby Bjorn, for weeks now, and Henry has enjoyed that (when he's been awake to notice).

But Hal's parents have been reluctant to put him in his sling because it seemed to just envelope him when he was in it. But no more. As big as he is now, he's about the perfect size for the sling. And he seemed to like it--or at least tolerate it. Tara and Troy plan more outings with the sling soon.

Meanwhile, Troy and Tara received an outside opinion today on who Henry looks like. On a visit to Yo's Sushi Club in the Outer Mission, one sushi aficionado opined that Henry looks just like his mom. "He has your nose," the sushi fan told Tara. "Sorry," he muttered to Troy.

Of course, he might have been influenced by the fact that Tara was carrying Henry at the time--or at least Troy theorized.

Henry has also learned a new trick. On Monday, he discovered that if he kicks the arch of his Gymini (a baby floor gym), his toys attached to the arches move. Hank got a big kick out of that (pun intended). He loved seeing his mirror and rattles shake and dance. Don't worry, video of his new trick is coming! (And so too are more Henry photos!)
Monday, June 07, 2004
Troy just added an XML feed to this blog. If you are interested, you can get Troy and Tara's regular updates on Henry by hitting one of the "subscribe" buttons at right.

Sunday, June 06, 2004
At long, long last, there are new photos of Henry up, including those of his first meeting with Troy's parents, whom Hal knows as Papa Pete and Grandma Betty. Troy's planning on putting up more soon, so check back later this week.

Henry had a nice weekend. He went with Troy and Tara to the farmer's market on Saturday. Then on Sunday, he enjoyed smelling and feeling the fresh strawberries and cherries that Troy and Tara bought at the market. He even directed Tara's hand--holding a strawberry--to his mouth! What a smart kid!

While Henry has been reticent to sleep in any of his beds, Kayla--one of Henry's cats--has had no such reservations. She's lately taken up residence in the bassinet that's a part of Henry's play pen. Oh well, at least someone's using it!
Thursday, June 03, 2004
Lots to report about the X-man of late.

Tara and Troy took Henry to see Dr. Langston yesterday for his two-month checkup. He weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs. That's a mere 2 lbs, 5 oz. more than he weighed three weeks ago, and it puts him in the 80th percentile for his age! You might say the kid's eating well.

That was the highlight. One of the less exciting things for Troy was that Henry's length--22.5 inches--puts him in the 25th percentile, meaning he's pretty short for his age. (Or, as Dr. Langston put it, he's "solid.") Of course, as Troy's father reminded him, Troy was off the chart when it came to height, he was so short. So maybe there's hope for Henry yet!

The other lowlight was that Henry got a battery of shots at this appointment--four shots total, to be precise. The poor kid! The needles must have been longer than his hands, and to his sympathetic parents, they looked as long as daggers.

Henry did pretty well, though. He wailed through the shots, of course. But he calmed down soon afterward, when Tara offered him a little snack. And we wonder why he's "solid..."

In other recent news about Henry, Troy got to feed him for the first time last week. Tara recently got a breast pump, and after figuring the thing out, she expressed some milk for Troy to feed to Henry. Henry took to the bottle right away, which Troy thought was pretty neat.

Unfortunately, Henry seems to have caught on to the trick since then, and has balked at eating from a bottle. But Troy's determined to endeavor to persevere.

Despite his opposition to the bottle, Henry has really seemed to grow up over the last month. He's smiling a lot these days. But that's not the only way he's communicating. He's also been making a range of new sounds, from sighs to "Ahhs."

Meanwhile, his vision has really improved. He loves his mobile now; he'll sit in his bed watching it and watching it. (Forget about going to sleep in the bed, though.)

He also likes to watch his Dad in the kitchen or just around the house. He'll sit in his chair and track Troy from side to side, intently watching what he's doing.

His other senses also seem to be developing, smell in particular. Tara and Troy have been presenting Henry with all kinds of objects to smell of late, from garlic cloves to rose blossoms to strawberries. Henry really seems to enjoy smelling foods, particularly coffee and fruits such as nectarines.


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