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Troy and Tara's newborn son.
Monday, April 26, 2004
Well, he should have headed straight to bed, but instead, Troy added some more photos to the site. Day 17 is now up online. And Troy rearranged Henry's photo page as well, grouping together photos from the first and second weeks of Henry's young life.

But that's enough work for now. More photos to come soon. Until then, Enjoy!
Today was not Henry's favorite day, nor that of his parents.

After a three-week paternity leave, Troy went back to work today, meaning that Tara was alone with the little guy all day. Troy missed hanging out with Hal, especially their regular afternoon nap!

But Tara might have missed Troy more. Today was ridiculously warm in San Francisco, and it was made all the more unbearable by the fact that Troy and Tara do not have air conditioning in their home. (According to Weather.com, San Francisco hit an all-time high yesterday, when the temperature reached 87 degrees. If anything, it seemed warmer today!)

Needless to say, Harry was not terribly happy with the heat situation. In fact, according to Tara, he was cranky for most of the afternoon. And he continued to wear his cranky pants even after Troy returned home from work. Troy tried all of his normal tricks--burping, diaper changing, dancing, singing--but couldn't get Henry to calm down for more than a couple minutes at a time. In fact, he didn't really settle down until around 10 p.m., by which time the house had finally cooled off and he had nursed for what seemed like the 100th time since Troy returned home. Poor kid! (And poor, dumb parents!)

On a brighter, separate note, Troy tweaked Henry's photo pages on Monday. After getting some constructive criticism from his Dad about how difficult it was to navigate back to the main photo page from any of Henry's albums, Troy added navigation links to all the photo pages. Hope that makes things easier!

He also widened the left-hand browser frame for each of the albums so that the captions should now be easier to read. If you have any other suggestions on how to improve the site, please drop Troy a note!

Meanwhile, now that the U.I. tweaks are done, Troy plans to add more photos soon. Check back soon for photos from Henry's 17th through 23rd or so days!
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Big weekend thus far for the Hankster: He met his Aunt JoJo, Uncle Patrick and one of Troy's work colleagues for the first time, took his first trip to a farmer's market, received a visit from his Grandma Murphy and went on two long walks!

Troy and Tara took Baby Hal on the first walk on Friday afternoon. They walked all the way from their house near downtown Glen Park over to Church and 29th Street, in the southern part Noe Valley. Since it was around 5 or 5:30 p.m., Troy half expected to run into his colleague Bill, who lives over in that part of town and walks a similar route home each day. Instead, he, Tara and Harry unexpectedly saw Troy's colleague Adam, who had taken his daughter to soccer practice at a park on 30th Street.

Although Henry met both Adam and Adam's son Graham for the first time, he likely will remember nothing of the meeting. As he is want to do, Henry used walk as an opportunity to catch up on some long-lost sleep.

Likewise, Henry will likely remember little of his first visits to the Alemany Farmer's Market or JoAnn's Candlestick Coffee and Espresso on Saturday. As he did on his walk on Friday night, Hal slept almost the entire time he was at both the Farmer's Market and at the coffee shop. Which is too bad, because he had a number of admiring fans at the farmer's market and JoJo and Patrick had been itching to meet him for weeks!

Patrick thought Hal looked a bit like Winston Churchill, a thought Troy shared, since Henry, looking pleasantly plump, was slumped in his car seat, much like a famous picture of Churchill. Troy has a recent picture of Henry--to be posted shortly--which makes him look even more Churchillian.

Henry followed his visit to Jo's café with a visit from his Grandma Murphy. Karen came up to the city, bringing lunch (Yay! Thanks, Karen!) and dinner (Woo Hoo! Thanks again!) for Troy and Tara. Meanwhile, the four of them, plus Haillee (who also accompanied Troy and Tara on their walk on Friday), took another long walk around the Greater Glen Park area. Although it wasn't as clear as on Friday, the day was beautiful and warm and Henry would have gotten to see some beautiful views of the city from Laidley. He would have, that is, if he had been awake. But, as per his routine, the kid slept the entire way. Not that Troy and Tara are complaining...
Thursday, April 22, 2004
More big news on the Henry front today. (Stacy, if you are reading this and haven't talked to Kim yet--STOP HERE and CALL HER!)

Firstly, Henry did some nice head turns today. Troy laid him down on his stomach in his Gymini, and Hal lifted his head enough to turn it from side to side. And he did it not just once, but several times. Hank's Mom and Dad were very impressed. The kid's already developing some strong neck muscles.

Hank also took his first tour of Troy's old neighborhood on Thursday. Troy and Tara went to the Kinko's there to slice up some photos that Troy printed out. From there, they walked past Haight and Laguna--Troy's old stomping grounds--to Hayes Street and Hayes Valley.

My goodness how that's changed. Tara and Troy started to run a tally of all the places that had closed on Hayes Street since Troy moved nearly three years ago: two gyms, the bookstore, the Soul Food restaurant, etc., etc. Kind of sad. Especially since they've all been replaced with chichi fashion and home living stores that look like they would be more at home in some ritzy part of Manhattan than in funky Hayes Valley. Oh well.

Now, after that delay, here's the really big news. (STACY -- I'm telling you, Don't read this before you TALK TO KIM!!!)

Hank's going to have a cousin! Troy's sister Kim is about 9 weeks pregnant and is due in late November. So, Harry's days as the only grandchild are numbered. Well, they are on his father's side, anyway!

No word yet on whether Hal will have a boy or girl cousin. In fact, we might have to wait until the big date in November to find out, because Kim said she doesn't plan on knowning until then. Regardless, it's exciting news!
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Big day in Henry's young life yesterday: the stub of his umbilical cord fell off! We can now see the little guy's belly button. It looks like it's going to be an innie, but I guess it's too early to tell for sure. (While the inside of his belly button is indented, the ridges around it are raised right now.)

Other than that, things have been quiet at Chez Henry. Mom and son have been pretty much hanging out here at home. Dad went to his French class yesterday, but other than that, he's stuck close to home this week also.

Well, we have over the last two days anyway. On Monday, the three of us took Henry on his first trip to Costco. On the way there, we laughed at all the Costco customers who need the extra wide shopping carts to stock up on cases of Vienna Sausages. But $250+ later, we realized that we too are now among those customers who need the extra wide shopping carts.

Henry also made his first trip to Trader Joe's on Monday. Somehow I don't think he'll remember either store. He pretty much fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and didn't seem to wake up until well after we returned home.

Henry got to test out his Fisher-Price Calming Vibrations chair this week. He seemed to like that a lot. My guess is that the vibrations remind him of being in his car seat in the car. Although the chair has a bar with lights and toys on it, the only thing that seemed to interest him on it was a mirror. The kid already likes looking at himself!
Sunday, April 18, 2004
In case you are just joining us, Fogbert has been born! He was born on April 2, 2004 at 8:24 p.m. For more details, check out the other ares of this Web site. His real name (as opposed to his "beta" one): Henry Xavier Murphy Wolverton

This has been a busy week for Henry. On Monday, we visited Dr. Langston again, for his second checkup. Henry weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz. He had gained nearly 12 oz. in the week since his last visit! And, as of that day--just 10 days after he was born--he was already over his birth weight! Good job to both Mom and son.

Henry had visitors on Wednesday. Tara's friend Jennifer and her son Andres came to visit, along with their dog Jack. Jennifer's been a godsend and a great friend. Not only has she come to visit us twice now, but she's brought food both times! We're still eating the lasagne she brought over the weekend. Mmm!

On Thursday, Tara, Henry and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. Although it was the second or third time we'd taken Henry in his stroller, it was his first big tour of Glen Park and the neighboring Sunnyside area. I don't think he'll remember much of it, though. He slept the whole way. There's something about being confined to a car seat and being bounced around that he finds soothing!

The three of us took a longer stroller ride on Friday, taking Henry on BART for the first time as we headed down to Union Square. The kid seemed to like it. Riding BART wasn't as soothing as being in a car, but he seemed pleased by the journey, and by the time we got off the train, he was fast asleep. In fact, he was so zonked, that he slept through our entire tour of Union Square, which included stops at Old Navy, where we got clothes for Henry; Lang's, where Tara tried on some neat necklaces; and Gap, where we got more clothes for Henry.

This weekend's been fairly quiet, especially for Tara and Hal. And that's probably just as well, since the kid's been a little cranky. You'd think with all his new clothes, he'd been a good mood. But you'd be wrong. Fortunately, we've found at least one thing that cheers him up: dancing with Dad. His favorite singers so far: Willie Nelson (he loves the "Stardust" album), Lyle Lovett and R.E.M.


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