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Troy and Tara's newborn son.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Big weekend for Henry last weekend. His Papa Pete and Grandma Betty came to visit him from San Antonio. The visit marked the first time Henry had met Troy's parents and vis versa.

As far as Troy and Tara could tell, Pete and Betty were completely smitten with Henry. Papa Pete burned through several Memory Sticks taking pictures of the little guy. Grandma Betty seemed to delight in seeing, hearing and being with Henry.

Henry, though, wasn't as excited about seeing his grandparents. In fact he cried just about every time his Papa Pete or Grandma Betty picked him up. Fortunately, both of them seemed to take Hank's crankiness in stride, with Pete immediately handing Henry over to Tara or Troy and Betty holding him through his cries.

And Henry did finally settle down by Sunday. In fact, he slept on his grandmother's lap for about two hours, much to her delight.

Another new thing for Henry is that he's discovered his thumb. For the last couple weeks now, he's been pacifying himself by sucking on his hand. But this morning, he found--and began to suck on--his thumb alone. Troy tried to take a picture of it, but wasn't able to. Maybe next time!

Speaking of pictures, Troy posted another batch of them over the weekend. These mark Henry's life from about week 3 through week 5. This group doesn't include pictures of Henry with Papa Pete and Grandma Betty, but they do include some pictures with Grandma Karen, who stayed with Tara recently.

This is perhaps the best of the bunch, a photo of Hal looking mighty pleased to be riding BART a couple weeks ago. (He wasn't so happy to get off of BART though; Troy and Tara frantically scurried out of Old Navy and rushed home after Hal decided he'd had enough shopping.)

Hope you enjoy!
Saturday, May 08, 2004
Big news for Henry on Friday.

Yes, it was his five week birthday. Hard to believe the little guy has already been with us for 35 days!

But even more exciting than that, Hank went to visit Dr. Langston on Friday for his one month checkup. The top news: Hal weighed in at 10 lbs., 11 oz. That's a whopping 2 lbs, 7 oz. more than he weighed just four weeks ago. Dr. Langston was very impressed.

Hal also has grown some three inches since he was born. He measured nearly 22 inches long on Friday, up from 19 inches when he was born. And his head circumference was about 15-1/4 inches. Unfortunately, bad Dad that Troy is, he can't recall what Henry's head circumference was at birth.

But, Henry's weight puts him in the 75th percentile of all children his age (meaning he's ahead of his class, weight wise). His height is in the 55th percentile (he's going to be short, like his Daddy). And his head circumference is in the 65th percentile. (So, while he's already showing that he's pretty smart, he at least won't look like a total egghead!)

This past week was also a big one for Henry--and his Mom. Troy went away on a business trip to Ft. Worth on Saturday. So, Tara and Harry spent several days without Dad. Fortunately, Grandma Karen came up and stayed with Tara and Henry from Saturday through Tuesday morning, so Tara had someone to help her with the little guy.

Henry also got to meet Tara's friend Jon Ann for the first time last Saturday. And he got to see Tara's friend Jennifer and her son Andres on Wednesday. So, all in all, a busy week!

Besides his weight and height changes, Harry's making some progress on other fronts. The little guy's eyes seem to be focusing better now. He's starting to love to watch his mobiles--as well as his Mom and Dad's faces!

Oh, one other big thing this week. Henry finally got to ride in his Baby Bjorn baby carrier. Tara took him for a walk in it during the week, and then Troy tried it out on Friday.

Henry hadn't gotten to ride in it before then because he was too small to fit in it. But now, he may never go out in his stroller again! Both of his parents loved having him cuddled up next to them. And Henry seemed to like that as well--he went fast asleep while Troy carried him the Baby Bjorn on Friday afternoon.

This weekend will likely be a busy one for the little guy also. On Saturday, Tara's family will be coming up to San Francisco for an early Mom's Day celebration. And on Sunday, Hank will be celebrating Mom's Day with his mom and Dad. Should be a fun one!

Oh, in case you haven't seen them, Troy posted more photos of Henry earlier this week. Check them out if you haven't already; there's some really cute ones there!


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